Rational Kitchen

Design your kitchen

Modern kitchen design is all about using creative, individual and unusual design alternatives in order to create the most efficient use of space. There are various different kitchen shapes which, depending on the size and layout of the room, embrace the principles of the so-called work triangle as a practical arrangement of sink, fridge and oven and represent extremely sensible and practical solutions.

Below we highlight important points one must consider when planning your new kitchen:


-       Appliances. Not a priority for all designers but at Such Designs we feel that this paramount to a functional kitchen. Appliances have moved on considerably over the years and you may not be aware of new innovations. Key items now many consider are the likes of steam ovens, combination steam ovens, boiling water taps and discrete ventilation systems. One fantastic way to experience appliances is by arranging to visit one of our manufactures showrooms. Manufactures have showrooms scattered across London, with the likes of Siemens, Gaggenau, Sub Zero / Wolf and Miele having a presence in London.

- Storage. There are many ways to store and access items in a kitchen be it using, pull out larder, cupboard, larder, drawers and corner mechanism. When planning, consider which storage solution best meets your requirement and budget.

- Budget. One of the most important aspects to consider when planning your kitchen. Try to ascertain the budgets for furniture, appliances & worktop. This will save you not only considerable time but help in selecting the best appliance brands and design layout to meet your budget.

- Lifestyle. This point is probably the most important factor to consider. The word lifestyle is used here to cover such things as:

    • Elderly family members living within the house hold. One may already have a formal dining room and maybe considering a breakfast bar as an addition for everyday living. This will not be
    • practical for everyday living for the elderly members so one may approach the idea of having a lowered seating area. This will sit comfortably all members of the family
    • Entertaining is something we all have to encounter. Some really love it and host parties often and some rarely. This needs to be though through and consider design that will help you entertain comfortably and host extravagant parties.
    • Quick breakfast and go. Simple point to consider, but must be thought through. The breakfast may be quick but are the evening meals. Does the whole family sit together for meal time?

At Such Designs we will work with you and listen to your needs. We want to know all your likes and dislikes, all your needs and wants and this will truly help us design the perfect kitchen for you and your family to use.