Kitchen Design

In order to design a living space that is perfect for you, we first need to hear your ideas and how you live your life. This is a way for Such Designs to get to know and understand the client. We have our own ideas, but we want to propose solutions that are tailored to the way you, the client, lives. It’s simple: no two clients are exactly alike as no two bathrooms/kitchens are alike.


After an initial meeting in which we compile a brief, we get to work. In drawing up a detailed plan, we’ll incorporate your ideas and add a few of our own too, giving you the benefit of our experience and design flair.


We then enter the most exciting stage for any Designer. The Designer will take you through the plans, explaining our reasoning behind the design and with your feedback we constructively work together. During this stage we are learning so much about you, your lifestyle and your needs as these help us to develop an understanding that will enable us to ensure the final proposal is the very best use of space for you.