A bathroom is a room that is all about relaxation and indulgence, and one that simply happens to have a handy sideline in hygiene and practicality.

Not only is it the one room in which we are able to finally switch off from all that is going on around us and simply be alone with our thoughts, but it is also the room in which we can pamper ourselves most effectively should the right designs be utilised.

The fittings used are extremely important in such a personal space as they are usually a reflections of ones nature and persona. We understand this and provide an abundance of choice from leading manufactures with many of pieces on display to see and touch.


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Bathroom design deserves a lot of care and attention because this is a room that has to meet all of your personal requirements. Are you renovating a family room or a small guest toilet, a walk in bath or your own individual wellness oasis – or maybe everything? The design needs to be not only functional but perfect.

A perfect bathroom should evoke the holiday mood and attempt to preserve and restore this temporary sensation of deep relaxation. The aim is to have the greatest amount of enjoyment and fun in the smallest amount of space and to achieve a state of total relaxation. Having completed projects for clients around the world, our projects all showcase flair, articulate designs, fantastic finishes but with a key ingredient taken in to account, the users wishes and their uniqueness.


Installation of a bathroom is an art but it becomes a finer art with the details we put in to each bathroom. The products will have flair and the design will be perfect on paper but it is the execution that is key. With free flowing water in the bathroom, an installation shortcut can sometimes be an unfortunate error as the cost of damage can be more than the bathroom itself. We take great pride from the materials we use to the last millimeter being perfect..

Our showroom is finished to a high standard and we strive to and successfully achieve the highest levels of finishes in our clients projects. We see all projects as an extension of our showroom and put enormous pride in the small details to ensure exacting results are achieved to time.

With various manufactures on display at our purpose built showroom, make an appointment today so we can hold your hand and guide you through the maze to achieve the dream bathroom you have always wanted.

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