Those who choose a Rotpunkt kitchen do so because they expect the highest quality. Colour fidelity, precision engineering and overall perfect workmanship are always evident, as well as the longevity that results from this. The only way for Rotpunkt to achieve this is through self imposed high standards.

Tomorrows trends

To create designs for kitchens means first of all to have an antenna for what the trend will be tomorrow – and not today. In this vein Rotpunkt offers kitchens that are current and in fashion but also styles of tomorrow. Be bold, be creative and be the trend setter.

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In a kitchen, people work, cook, boil, stir, roast, fry and, sometimes, spill. Make your kitchen your centre of life. Rotpunkt kitchens are made to be used (full stop).

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Rotpunkt has an array of styles. Modern models are characterised by clean lines and fine materials. Classic models with warm colours, natural materials, polished technology and first-class workmanship. As one of the most innovative kitchen makers Rotpunkt offers a highly sophisticated handle-less system with which creates a timeless design.

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