A kitchen is the primary space used by household members to perform a multitude of tasks. It is no longer merely a place to cook or to eat but it is for socialising with one another, with friends and relatives.

Taking in to account the importance of the space it is only fitting that we works with brands that offer individuality, highest workmanship with the technology to accompany it and all that important aftercare. At Such Designs we work solely with prestigious German cabinet makers.

We work different to most other showrooms as we want to work with you as supposed to for you, to develop a home, a beautiful space that you can entertain in. We pride ourselves on our honesty & integrity and it is for this reason our clients become our friends and share the pleasant experience of working with us to others.


Design is just as important as the product you use. We do not produce a design but we create works of art that is tailored to your exacting needs. We want to know you so we are able to design a perfect fit – what is right for you will not be right for the next person.

We take design seriously as it can accomplish the goal you set out to achieve or the results could quite simply not live up to expectations. Our designs are unique to us because they are distinctive as you, as they were created with you in mind.

Come and see our showroom to get an idea of how serious we are about design!

We have successfully fitted and completed many kitchens. We do not want to boast about our work but our clients insist we do. So we have put together a collection of projects that are interesting. The projects all range in various sizes to colours to styles and shapes but every single project was delivered to the exacting needs of our clients.

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Design and product are extremely and equally important to installation. The designs we create, the products we specify are perfect for you but only if they are installed exactly the way we envisioned them for your individuality. Our team of highly skilled designers liaise with your in house fitters to get the exacting result the designer discussed with you. Our fitter take such pride and precision is of paramount importance.

We undertake project work for either large or small developments. We work with architects, builders, interior designers and developers alike. We have supplied to many large prestigious developments and works closely where required to build a clear specification.

Such Designs is able to cater for all tastes, styles, sizes and complexity. We are extremely professional and want to work with you to achieve your desired results. If we have not already answered any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

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